As the summer is approaching , are you worry about what kinds of business you will do ?

Ice cream will be your best choice . do you know below this brand –HOLY ROLY ICE CREAM  ???

Holy Roly Ice Cream is the boutique in LA for Organic & Premium roll ice cream. Come and Enjoy our Thai-origin, LA style dessert serving fresh and made-to-order organic ice cream!! The ice cream itself is primarily of organic milk, cream, and sugar that is free of stabilizers, preservatives, and emulsifiers. Cookies, fresh fruit, tea, and coffee make up the flavor combinations.

Above design is one of my USA customers ice cream cart, which its size around 1000*600*2150 cm.

It is very mini and nice style with wheels … it can be removable that customers have many retail ice cream stores already .

He just want to need a small cart to display his products when campaign or promotion during different places .



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