Massage kiosk in mall is becoming a hot mall kiosk business idea. Because nowadays people siting all day long , Almost everyone more or less  will have small heath issues in shoulders and back. Now the pressure is getting bigger and bigger. Massage can help people relieve the pressure. After greeting the computer for a long time, we need massage to relieve the pressure on our neck. Besides pressing your neck, you can also press your shoulders and massage your back and legs. These massages are very suitable for some people with great pressure. Especially after work, you can relieve your stiff neck.

Massage Kiosk

A unique massage kiosk in mall will give great help on those customers. When they  have a rest and can get back relaxed and recover with professional expert skills.

Here blow a is a nice massage kiosk design  used in mall or airport.

1. Introduction

This is a relatively large kiosk in the mall.
According to the design of kiosk, you can place 4 sites for customers. On the other side, we have a long waiting bench where customers can wait. What is outstanding here is the round design, and the semicircular design is very unique. Only by attracting customers’ attention can sales be increased. Above design is the view form back part of the kiosk . you can also add poster or your service name or some other brand adverting pictures on those smooth curves arc.



2. Massage kiosk and the Teeth Kiosk

Similar to the business philosophy of massage kiosks in shopping malls, this unique design can also be used in tooth whitening business. Actually, the business of tooth whitening pavilion is very similar to that of massage pavilion. They all have a semi-private sector to provide services. And need a place to install a small device. This kiosk can be used as both a beauty teeth kiosk and a massage kiosk. You can choose to buy according to your own needs.

3. Material

The main material of the kiosk is MDF. MDF is easy to shape the curve shape and make the kiosk more attractive. Then we will use the baking paint as a surface treating. The baking paint will be more smooth and bright. The logo we use the 3d acrylic letters.

4. Production Process

Firstly, we need to do the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings. We all know that the construction drawings include all of the details like the size, color, circuit diagram and etc details. After the wooden cabinet, we will polish the all of the wooden cabinet to make the surface more bright.  Before do the baking paint, we will do the 4 primers . When we do the baking paint, we will send you the Panton color card. You can choose one that you favorite color, our factory will match the color according to the color card.

Since we do customized kiosk , you can just share us you ideas in mind . we can make the 3D drawing according to it.

5. Design

We have a professional design team, can customize mall kiosk according your requirements. You can tell me which style you want, and what color do you like? We will display all of your ideas on the kiosk, you can see the whole effect. The design include the 3d design and construction drawings. You can submit theses to the mall for approval.

If you have any help, you can contact us. we are the professional salesman help you do it.

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