Fashionable crepes kiosk, suave crepes kiosk, all kinds of crepes kiosk, we can give you, because we have all kinds of style crepes kiosk, high-end, luxury, novel, fashional, and suave. Crepe kiosk is a very easy business idea nowadays. Today I will introduce you to a suave and fashionable crepes kiosk,  believe you will love it. Let’s view more details together.

Design pictures show

We can see, the crepes kiosk very beautiful, its design style and layout are perfect, elegant brown match eye-catching cyan make it unforgettable. There are four benches for customers, at the bottom of the kiosk main white.most of all, there are many stripes on its veneer, make it looks very suave, its colors all make it looks very clean, if you want some logo on it, we can put them on it. in other words, we can make it become more beautiful than these images.

Basic information:

  • Size: 5m by 3m, or customized according to your shop size.
  • Color: brown and white or customized for you
  • Main material: MDF
  • Logo: acrylic Logo
  • Display showcase: glass display showcase,
  • Cabinet: wooden cabinet.
  • Payment: TT, Western Union, 50 % deposit, 50 % balance before shipping.
  • Packing  : this cosmetic kiosk  + foam inside  + wooden box outside.

The story of our crepes kiosk

A  few months ago, the kiosk’s shape isn’t that. A customer browns our website, he loved this kiosk at the first sight. He contacts us hoping to get a unique crepe kiosk meet their demand. We talked about the design requirements and determined the shape of the kiosk. Our designer team spent a week to finish his design. He was shocked to see the design because it was the exact design he wants. He is very appropriate for our service and design work. We make a quick deal to production the crepe kiosk. He also told us that as Chinese people eat dumplings during the Spring Festival, French people eat crepes on their dinner tables during important tranditional festivals. And now crepes become more and more popular, more and more people know the crepes. From this first order, we cooperate many times and become very goods friends.

After confirming the order, we make a construction drawing with all the details for production. Because all the process is followed on the drawing to make sure everything is correct. 

Production Process:

The first step is to prepare wood material and make a wood body. It takes about 7-12 days, will hidden wires inside the wood body in this step, so people can’t see it from outside. The second step is to paint the kiosk or make another surface treatment. It’s a very important step as the finishing face to the public. Our workers are highly trained and focus on the craft details. The next step is adding a brand logo and display showcase. From this part, you can see how the kiosk looks like in real life. Finally, connect the wires and cabinet doors. We should turn on the light before shipping. Everything should confirm to work correctly. 

If you buy our kiosk, you will have a story belong yourself, the story maybe will touch other people.hurry up join us! you will be satisfied with our product, I am sure we will be responsible for our product. 

Finally, I hope we can also build long-term business relationships. Because we really treat every customer wholeheartedly and look forward to your recognition of our products and services. And hope that your business will be better, you can solve the problems you encounter in your business, and your life will be very happy. Thank you for reading and having a good time.

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