A western-style crepes and donut kiosk fast food booth for sale

A novel crepes kiosk, an exquisite donut kiosk, are can belong to you. Crepes and waffles become more and more popular nowadays, it’s a good time to open a donut kiosk and earn money. Today, you are in the right place to purchase a unique donut kiosk. I will introduce you to such a kiosk, not only is a novel crepes kiosk but also is an exquisite donut kiosk. hope you will love it. Let’s view more details together.

Customized donuts kiosk in the mall

The kiosk has a very simple design, but every part of it is just right, put delicious crepes and donut in its noble black pantry, the exterior is a pale yellow paint, we can see, there is a grey gatherer on the top of the kiosk, that makes it looks more fashion, the back of the kiosk is a low-key brown, more beautiful, most of all, its specification and style can custom-made according to your need.

3D design pictures show

Basic information

  • Size: 5m by 3m, or customized according to your shop size.
  • Color:  Yellow and brown or customized for you
  • Main material: MDF.
  • Surface: Yellow and brown paint finish.
  • Function: a wooden cabinet for sell donuts and other food
  • Design time: 3-5 days after know design details
  • Production time: 22-25 days, depends on the counters
  • payment: TT, Western Union, 50 % deposit, 50 % balance before shipping.

How to open a donuts kiosk?

1 .product and positioning

No matter where it is opened, the first step is really the product. You have to know what you want to sell first because the landlord doesn’t wait for you to think about the product before you start

2 .Site selection

For shopping malls, office buildings, or squares, a brand brochure that can make people’s eyes shine is likely to be favored.

3. Talk about price signing letter of intent

The mall will give you a placement map and price offer. You need to figure out whether you can afford it. The mall will give you a letter of intent for this position is 2-3 days, sign the letter of intent, and pay the money of intent. After submitting, you need to give them the design drawings and renderings.

4 Site selection design drawings

I got the plan drawings provided by the mall and started to design. Draw the floor plan and produce the effect drawing. During this period, you need to communicate with the designer and confirm that it meets the requirements of the mall

5 Sign the contract

Well, your effect is okay, and the mall will follow the process to sign a contract with you. Follow the contract process of the other company, the cycle is usually 1 week, after the contract is signed and sealed, pay! You can go through other admission procedures after paying the money.

6 Find Food and Drug Supervision and Inspection Chart

In the process of waiting for the contract, you have to go to the Food and Drug Supervision and Inspection Plan first. This is for you to successfully obtain a bunch of vital documents such as a business license, food circulation permit, food hygiene permit, and so on.

More information:

Everyone has their own design ideas, and everyone expects to start a business with a unique display case. We are a direct factory that can help you customize and start your own business. We are a direct factory, we have our own production workshop and designer team. I am confident that I can help you start your business. We uphold the attitude of being responsible for you and products to provide you with good products and high-quality services. I believe we will have a pleasant cooperation. Our customers are mainly from the United States, Canada, Australia, Australia and other countries and regions.

I  very grateful for your reading, hope you will have a good time, at the same time, I am looking for your inquiry.please contact us.

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