Nowadays, an attractive crepe kiosk, creative pancake kiosk, and high-end cake kiosks are very popular. As the saying goes, food is the soul of a person. In fact, we really put food first, so there are a lot of delicious food in our lives and more and more food professionals are looking for food kiosks, if so, I have good news, we have each Kind of food kiosk, especially we have many beautiful lily cake kiosks. Now, I will introduce you to an attractive pizza kiosk. Hope you like it.

3D design pictures show

We can see that the shape of the pavilion is very creative, just like the ancient Chinese chariot, its color is mainly low-key, with two partitions, which can be used to place three-layer cakes or pancakes. It has a smooth interior and veneer. For detailed information, its size is approximately 2m x 2m. We can also customize it for you according to your needs. Its main material is MDF, the color is brown, and it can also be made into the color you want. Let’s see the real crepe kiosk design photos together.

More information about crepe kiosk

Food booth and crepes kiosk’s ideas mainly come from our customers, because our main goal is to help him choose the showcase he likes and start his business smoothly. We will usually ask you for your thoughts on the pancake cabinet before placing an order. Please don’t mind, only by understanding the product you want, we can make it better for you. It usually takes 3 to 5 days to design a pancake kiosk for a mall. This is because our design team needs to meet and discuss to get better design ideas. What you need to do is to check the design drawings and confirm it.

The production time is usually 25-28 working days after confirming the order and design. We recommend setting aside more time to complete it to ensure you get the perfect product. You can confirm the production time with our sales staff before placing the order. Regarding packaging, we usually use EPE cotton + bubble paper + wooden box to ensure that your display cabinet is protected to the maximum during transportation.

Detailed information on crepes kiosk

As we all know, this pancake cabinet is very suitable for the boss who is just starting a business. Because it only needs to rent a small place to open. This can not only help you save the cost of opening a store, but also save operating costs. In the front side, we can see there is a machine to showcase cakes and the brand name and logo there to attracts customers.

While the left side has double counter top, one is for working counter the top counter use for customers to pick up goods. A high stand with brand logo next to it to attracts more clients, while you can also showcase products behind the shelves. People can pick up goods directly when pay the bills. Because checkout counter set here. The right side has a lock door  to enter into the kiosk. No matter machine and cabinets to put inside the crepe kiosk, we can help you add to the kiosk.

Do you like the orange light around the kiosk and also on the floor? It makes your kiosk standing out and attracts people’s eyes. Brand logo is very important for a retail kiosk, there are many kind of brand logo to decorates the kiosk. It’s better to choose a suitable logo style to start. If you have any new idea about kiosk decoration, you are welcome to contact us. We are glad to help you better. Thank you for reading.

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