Street food booth durable outdoor ice cream kiosk design on sale

Are you want to start an outdoor food business but do not know how to start? Here you can find the business ideas on how to start a food business. We have many outdoor food kiosk designs for different kinds of food. So whatever the food you will sell you can get a customized food kiosk from our company.

This is a street food booth durable outdoor ice cream kiosk design on sale. It is for selling the ice cream and fast food in the street. Let us have a look at the design together.



The basic material of this outdoor ice cream kiosk is a metal frame. For the material of the inside food counter, we use plywood and the surface finish is the metal board. The countertop material is man-made stone. On the right side of the front has an area for the display fridge.

On the top has the menu and a big stainless steel logo. The back side of the wall has the poster. When you work off, you can close the kiosk at the night.



Our design team can make a customized 3d design for you. The color, the size and the logo we can make fit your need and show in the 3d design. This way you can see the effect of the outdoor ice cream kiosk. And if need to do any changes to the kiosk design, we can do it for you.

After you confirm the final 3d design, we will make the construction drawing include all the details. It includes the size, material, electrical plan and so on. You can check and let us know your idea if can start the production.

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