Brilliant Blue and Red Crepe Kiosk Outdoor Booth for Sale

Do you want to buy crepes in the individual kiosks outdoors? We have done many outdoor kiosk projects to help poeple start businesses recently. Because the outdoor kiosk is convenient to start a business. Only rent a location and buy an outdoor kiosk to sell products. Here is a nice outdoor kiosk design to share with you. It’s good to sell crepes and fast food.

outdoor food shop

Description of crepe kiosk

This crepe kiosk’s main tone is blue and red with inside white decoration. That looks very brilliant and outstanding, clients will notice your shop directly. It has a bar counter outside, that allows consumers to sit down and enjoy food. A ceiling light attaches to the top ceiling to increase brightness and makes your kiosk outstanding.

fast food booth

Outdoor kiosk layout

The front has a cashier counter, crepe machine counter, and space for a refrigerator. While the back side has a beverage machine and stoves for business. There are lightbox paintings on the wall to show advertising, menu, and information. It’s a good idea to update the content.

crepe kiosk

More details show

There are glass windows near the door, you can notice the outside details when working. And the glass display cabinets attach to the wall, which is convenient to show more items for clients to purchase goods. We can see the back wall has brand signs and posters to enhance the brand theme. This outdoor kiosk meets US standards and is good to use in the park, outside the mall, on street, beaches, etc.

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