Brown color outdoor food kiosk customize bread shop design

If you want to start a food business, you can make a food kiosk or open a food shop in the shopping mall. Also, for the outdoor, you can make an outdoor food kiosk or a container food kiosk both suitable for the outdoor. You need to clear that you want to open the business for indoor or outdoor and find a space first.

Today we want to share with you a brown color outdoor food kiosk customize bread shop design. This outdoor bread food kiosk design can be suitable for you to sell the bread and drinks in the outdoor space.



This outdoor food kiosk use to sell bread, cookies and drinks. The front side counter has a cash register, a glass display showcase for the cookies, and a display fridge for the drinks. And the back side has the display shelf for the bread and under that is a storage cabinet.

The material of this outdoor bread food kiosk is a metal frame for the basic material. Outside is a glass window door. The surface finish of the outdoor bread food kiosk is the aluminum-plastic panel. Because the weather for the outdoor is very hard. We need to make the outdoor food kiosk strong enough to resist the rain, sunshine and hard weather.



If we make the width of the outdoor food kiosk less than 2.2m. And the height of the outdoor bread kiosk is less than 2.4m. Then the outdoor kiosk can fit in the container. This way the outdoor food kiosk does not need to assemble. If not, the whole outdoor food kiosk needs to be divided into two parts from the middle. We will ship the outdoor bread food kiosk by sea.

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