Wooden Ice Cream Kiosk Outdoor Booth Shipped to the Czech Republic

Are you plan to start a business outdoors? In recent years, many people start their first businesses with outdoor food kiosks. It is good to sell ice cream, frozen yogurt, fast food, donuts, coffee, and even bubble tea. No matter what is your business, an outdoor kiosk helps you well. Because it is easy to start and does not need a complex approval procedure. Here is an attractive outdoor kiosk to share with you.

outdoor kiosk

Outdoor kiosk in the Czech Republic

This outdoor kiosk is made for a customer from the Czech Republic, it is mainly used to sell coffee, bread, and ice cream. The main tone of the ice cream kiosk is plywood and black metal. Surface use preservative wood, that is fireproof, moisture-proof, mothproof, resistant to harsh weather, and very durable to use.

ice cream kiosk

Introduction of outdoor kiosk

As we can see in the design, the front has a display counter. It has topping on the counter table, poeple can order and pick up food here. 3D luminous logo attaches to the kiosk boy so that clients can notice your business well. The side has a large lightbox painting area.

wooden kiosk in the street

The interior has working counters with a stone desk top. You can put the necessary machines here for usage. Sockets attach to the back wall, which is convenient to use the equipment. The water sink is on the countertop for a wash. The movable shelf is on the wall, you can use it to place items and put the board down to avoid bumping when not in use.

outdoor kiosk interior


There is a large ceiling light in the middle to increase brightness, small lights surround it to make the outdoor kiosk looks attractive. We can see the real effect from the product photos. If you have any new ideas, just contact us. We can make a unique outdoor food kiosk for you.

frozen yogurt kiosk

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