Stainless steel food cart pink cotton candy cart for sale

Marshmallow (candyfloss, American called cotton candy) is a unique sweet tooth. There is no such food like this fluffy snowy dessert. What other foods can make you hold a large group in the palm of your hand but it seems that there is no weight. Once the entrance melts, it feels sweet and sweet. In your childhood (even now grown up), marshmallows and ice cream must have been a mouth-watering snack.

The process of making marshmallows is as follows: Pour solid sugar cubes into a small heating tank with a number of small holes around the mouth of the can; the opening is located on the bottom surface of a large metal container. When the heating tank melts the sugar into a liquid, the entire device begins to rotate. Then, from the small hole in the top of the heating tank, the liquid droplets of the active small liquid are sprayed, and under the action of the rotating centrifugal force, the sugar droplets are scooped out of the small holes and condensed in the air to become a thin filament which is almost invisible to the naked eye. 


Stainless steel food cart

What is the material we will use for the cotton candy cart?

The main material is stainless steel.

Others: colorless acrylic thickness 10mm, fabric customize in gradient color.

Color: pantone 218C, pantone 7678C.

Stainless steel food cart


Do you like the design like this one? How to order from our company?

Tell us which design you like , your size and requirements.

Pay 300USD design deposit for the cotton candy cart design.

Discuss and modify design with designer.

Finalize design and quote kiosk price.

Pay 50% deposit , factory start production.

Take production images from time to time to clients.

Pay 50% balance before shipment.

Arrange shipment for buyer.

Contact us if need after-sale service.

Welcome to inquiry. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on Email:



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