This fancy candy cart is sent by one of my customers. He used it in the wedding and events. Actually, most customers get the candy carts in the wedding or events.

There are many shapes of the candy carts, such as pink carriage, pink basket. We are a customized furniture company, we are able to customize those for our customers(color, style, size and so on).

It is the glossy white candy cart for sale with LED strips, there are spotlights on the roof. Also, the display area are the shape of stairs, each display stair with LED lights to lit the candy.

candy cart for sale

From the above picture, we can see that under the countertop is the shape of loving heart with small spotlights. This is the finishing touch in the whole candy cart.

What’s more, there are two decorative wheels on the bottom of the cart. It is made of wood to stand the weight of the cart. In order to keep the balance, we often design the two wooden pillars in front of decorative wheels.

Considering that it is not too monotonic, customers hang some accessories on it(the pillars). It is based on your ideas. Also, where are the scoops?  Scoops are the essential thing in it. And can you see that in the picture? There are three scoops in the side of the push handle.

If any interest, please send us freely.


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