Photos are things that can be kept forever and may be deleted or lost by mistake in the phones. So many people will want to develop the photos and make them into albums so they can be kept forever. So we can see a lot of stalls making or printing photos on the street. Their prices are not expensive and business is very good.

What I want to introduce today is the cart that prints photo albums on the street. We can see that it is very small and the whole cart looks very delicate. The printer can be placed on the table, there is storage space on the side of this cart, we can put some album templates, and customers can also choose the type of album they want.

We can put some small decorations on the table to make our cart look more delicate. We can put some photo frames or other decorations on the backboard from the countertop to the top.

It has a small storage space on the inside for some of our suppliers, etc. Logo and spotlights can be installed on the top so that cart can be bright even at night.

We are a custom company and all our products are designed according to our customers’ requirements. You can decide the size, color, and display of the cart. We can do a design first and then start production.

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