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There are many kinds of candy: gummy candy, fruit candy, chocolate candy, mints candy, Lollipop candy, toffee candy……, Why people like to eat candy not only candy is taste, but also relieve stress and make people happy. There are people who eat sugar when they are hungry will immediately relieve hunger. So many people like to bring a few sugars with them. Sugar is actually a kind of “energy”, which can provide energy to our body to maintain human life activities.   candy is sweet food. When people eat candy, they will activate dopamine neurons in the brain,  stimulate nerve endings, and make people feel excited. On the other hand, candy symbolizes the sweetness of love. Candy is usually packed beautifully packaged and as a present given to a girlfriend.  

Introduce of  this candy carriage

Here is the candy carriage we recently designed. this candy carriage has many cubicles. We can place different kinds of candy inside these cubicles. this candy cart can go to a place freely as it has wheels. So this candy carriage can be placed in a different place to increase the sales of candy. 1. in the shopping center. when it is in the shopping center, it can decorate the mall. It can attract people’s eye”s attention when place it on the entrance of  mall. the park, people like to visit the park with their children. this candy cart will attract the child to want to buy the candy.   3.on commercial street. Hundreds of thousands of people walk around the street, It becomes a beautiful scenery in the crowed.  it is easy to advertise the candy, Maybe the candy sold out in one day.      

candy cart

candy cart


  • size can be customize into whatever you need
  • color  white (other color also available)
  • packing will be knock down to easy shipping & save shipping cost

    Contact Information Contact person: Eva

WhatsApp:+86 13410688780


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