Stainless Steel Drink Cart Street Food Mobile Cart for Sale

drink cartOpening a street food booth is a profit idea for starters. Because you have the flexibility to start your business you don’t need to be fixed in one place. You can meet more potential customers, and you can also start your business at festivals, promotions, food courts, which can increase your sales. Today, I want to share a nice stainless steel drink cart sharing with you.

Description of the drink cart

This stainless steel cart is mainly used for selling cola, and beverages. Size is 2m long, 0.5m wide, and 1.8m in height. The main color is black with red decoration, which matches the products well. Your food cart is also outstanding and people can watch you at the first sight.

street food cart

Details information

We can see the front area has lightbox painting, it vividly expresses your products, brand sign to the clients. There are two hydraulic plates on the 2 sides of the counter, they can increase the usable area of the counter.

There are metal shelving supporting the top ceiling. You can place cola and beverages here so that clients can buy directly. Behind are cabinets with doors, you can store more products for sale.

beverage cart

Roof and brand signage

The top is open upwards, like a bird spreading its wings. You can turn it off at night, which saves space and extends its lifespan. It’s a good idea to add a push handle at the side, so you can push it to different places.

The brand signage attaches to the roof, no matter you open or close, clients can remember your brand name. We can add 4 wheels at the kiosk bottom for easy movement. If you have any new ideas for decorating your food cart, just contact us here. We are glad to help you.

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