Brown Color Coconut Milk Cart Mall Kiosk for Sale

coconut milk cart

Many people like to drink coconut milk because of its sweet taste. Especially in hot weather, iced coconut milk can give us a cool feeling. If you plan to start a juice business, it’s a great idea to start with a coconut milk cart. You can install a booth in the shopping mall and even in the street. I am sure you will have lots of customers. Today, I want to share a useful coconut milk cart with you

Introduction of a coconut milk cart

This food cart kiosk size is 1.8m long, we can also customize the size according to your needs. The main color is grass green color body and light brown roof. We can use the MDF panel to make the cart body. If you use it outdoors, we recommend building the cart with stainless steel. Your brand logo can attach to the top ceiling, therefore, clients can know your business from distance.

coconut milk kioskInformation of coconut milk cart

The coconut milk cart has curved sides, that avoid sharp corners and can protect clients from hurt. We can see there is a large menu in the front of the kiosk body, clients can view the menu and order soon. That is good to improve sales efficiency.

There is a glass display on the counter table, it can keep coconut cold and fresh. The middle area has many coconuts. Not only to increase the display area but also to convey to customers the idea that your coconuts are very fresh.

We can see behind is a large storage cabinet with sliding doors. Ingredients can all be placed here for use. It can lock well so that your goods won’t be stolen.

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