Portable street food booth 1.5m customize size fresh juice cart 

For somebody who wants to start a small juice business in outdoor they can make a juice cart. No matter in summer or winter, fresh juice is one of the very hot sale beverages. If you want to start a juice business with a small budget, you can make a portable juice cart like this.

This is a portable street food booth 1.5m customize size fresh juice cart design. You can use it to sell juice in many places, for example, streets, parks, shopping malls or any other indoor & outdoor places.



If you use the juice cart for indoor and need to use it for outdoor, then we have to use strong materials to make it. Indoor is okay but outdoor need to resist the hard weather. We can use metal material for the main material of the juice cart and add the logo and menu etc.

The top of the juice cart has a logo and hangs on a menu. On the front has a glass guide and on the countertop, you can put the juice machine and so on. Under the countertop has a drawer and storage cabinet for you to put something you need.



Our design team can make a customized juice cart design for you. Please send us your logo and if you have the equipment list and the size you want. We will make a new juice kiosk design to fit your need. Please feel free to contact us to make a customized juice cart to start your own business!

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