Creative Portable Beverage Juice Cart Charming Movable Beverage Stand

In summer, many people are willing to replace water with drinks, especially iced drinks, thinking that they can better supplement the nutrition and water needed by the body. Especially, iced juice, cola and other drinks are very popular. Most retailers like to push their cart on the street and sell the beverages to people. But how to design a nice beverage cart which is an art, we can help you.

Description of the beverage cart

This one beverage cart is colorful and beautiful in people’s eyes. The beverage can sell the juices, wines or other drinks. The juice cart is 160*60*220cm, it has enough counter space for you to put the beverages, cups or other things. The wheels are installed on the cart and it is convenient for you to push to the places freely, it is portable and flexible.

beverage cart front side

The top half part is the golden stainless steel for supporting the roof. The roof two sides are different flowers patterns No matter what patterns you like, all is feasible. It can show your guide-line or culture of the cart. The lamps are hanged at the frame for shining and decorating. Besides, the green plants are on the cart. The right side is one pink board to show the logo. The sign is at the front frame.

beverage cart top part

The cart bottom part is pink with yellow together, which forms a gradient. The beverage name, patterns and other information is on the cart middle and two sides. They look very special. The handles is on two ends.

right side of beverage cart

The cart counter is the wooden boards, and it has two layers for you to work.

beverage cart top

Different Color

We can customize different color of the cart for you.


The production time for a cart is about 20-25 working days.

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