SPA Store Interior Design Beautiful Decoration For Beauty Store

Do you know what a spa is? Have you experienced it? SPA is composed of professional beauty therapists, water, light, fragrant essential oil. And other elements, which can help people to achieve the body, heart, and soul of the bodybuilding effect. If you want to detoxify your face or dredge your neck or back, you can go to the spa to experience. I go to the spa shop once a week mainly to detox my face and neck and back, which is very good for the body and also makes you look more beautiful. Do you know what the interior of the spa is like? Today I will show you about the SPA store interior design, so you can see what it looks like.

Design for the Spa shop interior decoration:

This is a high-end spa shop design we customize for our customer. The whole store is very elegant and let the customer feel comfortable. It can be seen from the design drawing that this store is very clean, and the color is mainly white. We all know that the main tool for the spa is the facial bed because no matter what the project is, it is done in bed.

The inside has a few of facial beds, and on the wall has the circle shape mirrors. Below has the arc-shape small counter with drawers. On the countertop you can put some products, below can for the storage. The customer can sit on here and makeup or try the products.

And for the reception counter with “vivi logo” is very beautiful. Oval shape white baking paint counter with the golden color stainless steel make the spa shop reception counter look match the whole shop.

The sofa chair is mainly a rest area and convenient for you to introduce the service items in your store to customers. The decoration of the spa is very beautiful, whether it is their seats, wall decoration or furniture, they are very elegant. What do you think about this SPA store interior design? Do you like it?

About how to get a customize shop design:

We are are a custom company, we can according to our client’s shop floor plan and his requirements to design their shop. So if you have a shop, we suggest to make a design first. Then we can see your shop effect in 3d design how it look. We can know which furniture and decorations are suitable for the shop.

We have our designer team if you want to get a shop design. Please contact us and send me your shop floor plan, then we can start the design. Our design time is 3-5 working days. And the design fee is 500-800USD. The cost depends on the size of your store. When we send the 3d design of the spa beauty salon shop to you, we can make the changes for you if some area need to change.

After we finalize the final 3d design, we will send a detailed quotation to you. The exact cost of the shop depend on the quantity of the furniture, the size, the material and so on. So the first step and the most important step is to confirm the 3d design first. After that, our design team will make a construction drawing for you to check.

About the payment and shipping:

The payment is 50% deposit before the production and 50% balance before the shipping. We can arrange the shipping for you to the destination port or your door to door address. We usually ship the furniture by sea. But if you need it very urgent, we can also ship it by air to you. We can check the shipping cost for your reference. Please feel free to contact us to start your beauty spa salon shop!


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