Hair Salon Shop Furniture Lovely 3d Design Mirror Stations For Sale

Hello everyone, welcome to our company website. Today I want to introduce a hair salon shop furniture lovely 3d design hairdressing kiosk for sale to you. Beauty salons occupy an important position in the new era. No matter whether they are men or women, as long as they have a beautiful and handsome hairstyle, they will feel more confident when walking in the crowd. Then, choosing a good salon shop is extremely important. Hairdressing shops will be sought after by customers, so what kind of hairdressing shop can be regarded as excellent decoration! Please follow me for some ideas about how to make the salon shop look beautiful.

The hairdressing area is the top priority of hairdressing shop decoration. On the basis of ensuring cleanliness, it adds features to the simple hairdressing area combined with mirrors and chairs. The mirror in the hairdressing area is broken into the traditional square shape. And a fan-shaped mirror is set in front of the eyes. The wall next to the mirror cannot ignore. And some interesting patterns can be pasted to make it not monotonous.

Please see the 3D design drawing:

The main color theme of this hair salon shop is pink with some golden color stainless steel. The shop has 4 black double side mirror styling stations. And the side has drawers with handles. On the wall, it has some flower decoration and a neon sign. And the wall has a wall display showcase that can put some products. Other areas for the sitting area. The customer can sit and wait when they queue up.

And between the black double side styling station has a small white cabinet. This cabinet can put some beauty tools here. White baking paint with golden color stainless steel strip look really beautiful. The wall we can make it wallpaper as you like.

The most important thing in the decoration of a salon shop is the placement of the mirror. But most of the uniform mirror placement styles are annoying to customers. The overall decoration style of this salon shop is very similar to the European style. Even the style and placement of the mirror are Unique, this barbershop is small but finely furnished. 

What is the order process to make a salon shop?

  • At first, please contact us and share all of your ideas with us. For example the shop size, color. style and the mall requirement.
  • Then, we will start to make 3d design. ( before designing, we will charge 500-800 usd design fee. it will refund when you order).
  • After you confirmed the design. (If there have anything need to adjust we can change it for free). After will start work on the whole hair salon store construction plan.
  • We will start to build it. ( during the production, we will take photos for you to update the progress).
  • Package and shipping it to your nearest destination port or direct door to door address.
  • Assemble. ( when you received the furniture, you need to open the wooden package, according to the 3d design and construction plan put each part counter together. Then connect the electric wire. The whole beauty salon shop will work).


Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd:

We are the customize store display furniture direct factory. Our company has over ten years in the commercial furniture industry. What we do is to help our customers to complete the 3d store design and manufacture them. We offer the best price as we are not the trading company but the direct factory. The best quality with good wood raw material. Please feel free to contact us, thanks!



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