Solid Wood Skin Care Kiosk Cosmetic Booth for Sale

cosmetic kiosk

Skincare kiosks are mainly used to show cosmetic products and provide skincare services. You can rent a location in the mall to start a business and can also use it as an exhibition booth. The skincare kiosk can also express your brand culture to clients and makes them remember you better. Here is a nice solid wood skin care kiosk sharing with you.

Introduction of skincare kiosk

This skincare kiosk size is 2.5m by 2m, fit for most shopping mall locations. It has two display counters in the front area, the back area has a very tall stand with cabinets and a brand logo. This skincare kiosk has a simple design but gives your shop a very different effect.

skincare counterDetails information

As this skin care kiosk is small in size, we have to make full use of the space. For both showcase, working, and storage. Brand name and lighting decoration are also very important for a mall kiosk.

C style display counter

We can see there is two C-style display counter at the front. You can use it as a working counter that clients can try products here. It has advertising posters hanging in the middle. It’s good to express new products and company culture.

skin care boothBack wall display with counter

The behind has a tall wall with cabinets to show products. Each cabinet has light to increase brightness. On the top has white 3D luminous acrylic letters. While the bottom has storage cabinets and a counter.

Main materials

The main material is plywood with birch wood finishes. That creates a sense of modern and natural effects. We can also use other materials like wood veneer, tempered glass, etc. to build the kiosk. Flooring also use wood color, highly match the skincare kiosk theme.

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