Green Color Skin Care Kiosk Cosmetic Kiosk Booth Design

skin care boothThe skincare kiosk is popular among poeple because they can buy skincare products when shopping malls. Opening a skincare kiosk is a profitable idea as it can enhance brand image. A salesperson can also introduce products to clients. This helps to gain customers and a good reputation. Here is a skincare kiosk for sharing with you.

3D design skin care kiosk

Like most other skincare kiosks, this skin care kiosk has glass cases, storage cabinets, stainless steel, brand letters, and skincare bottle models. The main material is plywood with wood veneer and laminate finishes. Other materials include tempered glass, brand signage, and stainless steel.

perfume booth

skin care displayThe layout of the 3D design kiosk

This skincare kiosk is U shape kiosk. It can customer experience counter, display showcase area, service area, and storage cabinets.

We can see there is a long display counter near the entrance, the counter has wall cabinets with a green frame. Each has a light lamp to highlight the products. On the countertop has a screen that has solid wood edges.

Next to it is glass display cabinets, where is good to show all kinds of perfumes and cabinets here. There are also 3D acrylic letters to show clients. In the corner is a products model with a green light base.

skin care kioskAnother counter is mainly for storage. We can see the front has large signage letters to show the clients. Behind are drawers and cabinets for more items for sale. On the counter has tree-style brand signage, makes poeple find your skincare kiosk easily.


We can see there is yellow lighting surrounding wood flooring, that attractive and makes your shop outstanding. All the cables can also hide under flooring, it makes your shop looks clean.


The real effect of skincare kiosk

perfume kiosk  skin care stand  makeup desk

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