Are you still struggling to choose a skin care display case? If you want to start a skin care business. But they still haven’t decided on a cabinet to display their skincare products. Please take a look at the display case. I introduced which is loved by the majority of girls.

People’s life is getting better and better now. Modern women are demanding more and more of their own appearance. So how can you improve or maintain your beauty? Naturally, it is through the widely known use of skin care products or medical beauty. Even without doing market research. Just based on the skincare requirements of those around you. You can tell that modern women have a huge need for skin care. This also shows that we are facing a very large skin care market.

Pink display case

The main color of this display case is pink. Garland above the display case. Let women who love beauty feel as if they are in a painting. A metal U-shaped strip with flowers wrapping around it. Let people close to the display cabinet smell the fragrance of flowers in an instant. It also makes girls realize that we should always be as fresh as flowers. To keep life alive. Active skin care with effective skin care products. Small metal display plates can place on the side of the display case. Flowers can place on it. Skin care samples can also place on it. For customers to try the effect on site.

Represents elegance and beauty

The whole display cabinet is square design. But each side is irregular. From the picture, we can see that there are two transparent lockers on this side of the cabinet. High quality glass  installes on the outside. Let people see the product features inside at a glance. A glass display  also installs on the body of some cabinets. It contains skin care products for sale. Also let people inside the product information at a glance.

In addition, it can be used in the spare space next to the display case. Arrange some metal tables and chairs to match the atmosphere of the entire display case. Customers can sit in a chair and try out the product to see how it works. This product is loved by bosses everywhere. We have sold it all over the world. If you’re interested. Please contact us.


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