Small size makeup experience counter skin care kiosk for sale

Skin care product is also a high profit industry. Because many girls buy many cosmetic, skin care product etc. Not only for the girls but also some boys want to buy them. I believe that if you start this kind of business, you can make money. Let us see a small size makeup experience counter skin care kiosk design.



You can sell some famous brands of skin care products. Not need a big place for the display area. A small space for the display area is enough. And it is better to make a makeup experience counter for the customer to try the products and make up. The size of this skin care kiosk is about 2 x 1 m. It has 2 small glass display cabinets and a mirror station. On the back side of the skin care kiosk is the posters.


We can make a customized cosmetic kiosk or skin care display stand design with your requirement. Please feel free to send us the size, the logo, or other details of what you want. Then we can make it in a 3D model and send it to you and check the effect.

You can check the design and think about if need to make any changes. We will discuss with our design team and update the design for you. A professional 3d design is very necessary for you to start the business.



Q: What is the price of a cosmetic kiosk?

A: The price of our customized kiosk depend on the size, material and design. So usually we will quote to you after we finalize the final design.

Q: How to make the payment?

A: You can pay by bank transfer or western union.

50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.

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