Do you plan to start a cookies kiosk in the mall? Cookies are one of the most popular snacks. It can be used as dessert or afternoon tea. As an entrepreneur, opening a food kiosk in a mall is a wise choice. You can use it to sell cookies, cakes and other baked goods. Unique and attractive food kiosks can help you win more customers and make money.

How much cost to start a cookies kiosk?

1. Rent: You first need to rent a place in the shopping mall, about 3m x 3m, to save rent. The monthly rent for the mall is about US$8,000. Different shopping malls have different renting fee, you need to negotiate with the mall manager and sign a contract. So you can get a fixed location to instal cookies kiosk.

2. Cabinet decoration cost: Unique shape and decoration style can better show your brand image and win the respect of customers. Therefore, you need to customize the cookie kiosk and make it serve you better. Customized 3m x 3m biscuit cabinet usually requires 6800usd-7600usd. It depends on how many counters you want and what materials you use to decorate them.

3. Material and equipment fee: This is a bread and biscuit cabinet, so you need to buy oven, steamer and other equipment. In addition, its products have many raw materials, and companies must purchase at least hundreds of raw materials, such as flour, eggs, frosting and fresh fruits. The total cost of equipment and materials is 10,000 USD.

Real pictures of the cake kiosk

cake booth cookies display showcase cookies display case cookies kiosk

In the front side, there is a cookies display showcase. Cashier counter is in the corner to pay bills. The back side also has a 2 shelve glass display. On the bottom are locked cabients for storage. You can put brand logo on the board and front counter. The main material is Plywood. Solid wood with light strip decorate the cookies kiosk. The counter top use black stone.

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