Are you looking for small kiosk for food ?  Today i m going to share a nice small food kiosk design . This  kiosk can be used for steam corn kiosk business or retail stand kiosk .  Because this kiosk is smaller , So it can fit in almost any locations. what’s more . The biggest character for this best seller kiosk is the cheap price.

Contact us now to get the latest price cost for this cheapest mall kiosk .

As a small kiosk ,does it mean this corn kiosk is  simple ?  The answer is no. This small kiosk include all the functions that a big food kiosk should have. Display area, working bench, LOGO brand advertising . All the necessary function has been complied in this small stall.

You can pay very little money to start your own business. As we know . Skyscraper  are coming from a ground level . Own this small kiosk in mall means you have becoming a smaller boss. You are working for yourself since today.  One day when your business grow greater .You can change into a bigger kiosk and bigger design.

Detailed information about this small kiosk for sale

Food kiosk designWe provide design a unique style kiosk to your company logo,

menu board to display your products advertisement. The design

can improve by your requested

ChassisPlywood frame for cabinet and back wall. if you need colorful design. We can adapt the material

by baking painting.

Body constructionSurface by Formica laminate,fire-resisted laminate access to

mall’s request. Tempered glass wall,storage cabinet,sink with


Working spaceThis kiosk is too smaller to fit only 1  people inside
Food machine stationWe will leave place for your prep table,freezer,other food machine.

Send us your all machines size, we will arrange the machine station

in cabinet.

Water  systemSingle sink/ double sink with tap depend to your requested
Our service

Food kiosk design & food kiosk manufacturer

If u do not like this kiosk design. But you still want a  customized smaller size kiosks tall for mall with good price .Do not worry,  We can also provide this service for you. By telling our sales all your detailed information .We will design you your dreamed kiosk in 3D illustration images.  You can get a nice and high quality small size kiosk with same of our ultra low price .

How to order  small cup corn  kiosk from us  ?

Firstly,Contact with salesperson , tell them your requirements
Secondly : Making the technical drawings of the product according to the confirmed 3D max design
Thirdly :Start manufacturing (15-20 days )
Fourthly : Assemble the product and take photos to you
Finally , Cleaning the kiosk and packing for shipping.

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