Sweet corn kiosk in mall are very popular business ideas . Many business starter would like to start a corn kiosk because it’s easy and hot. So  how to start a sweet corn kiosk business ?

To start a sweet corn kiosk in mall , the first step is working with mall manger to get a space. After you got the lease for corn kiosk. Then you can go to kiosk manufacturer to build you kiosk.

But before you can build your kiosk . you need a nice sweet corn kiosk design first. Most of the mall kiosk manufacturer like Unique Kiosk will provide kiosk design service. If you encounter a builder do not have design ability . You will have to get some design company to design it for you.

Today i m going to share a nice and modern sweet corn kiosk design used for shopping mall . Because this is knock down packing products. So you can also used in train station ,airport , University or hospital .

Sweet corn kiosk design

This is a multi – function sweet corn kiosk design. You can start many smaller business service within this kiosk. You can serve ice cream. waffles , crepes and even fast food . What ever you can do you can adapted into this kiosk design.

The material used to build this kiosk is also quite critical. The body of the the kiosk is build with fire-resistant plywood. As you know the sweet corn kiosk is going to installed for indoor shopping mall . or crowd centers. Fire- resistant is a important matter for all materials.

We use yellow color man made stone to build the counter top of kiosk and HPL lamination for all the surface finish. In order to make the ice cream sculpture more lively . We will use fiber glass to make the  models.

Here blow are some more design for this corn kiosk design. if you want customized size and color you can contact us designers to get a free change.

Why choose Unique Kiosk corn kiosk for sale ?

To get a low cost kettle corn kiosk for mall. Unique Kiosk will be your best partner.  We have experience and cost advantage in building mall kiosks for corn service.

1. 18 years experience with corn cart exquisite and workmanship;

2.Our biggest features can be customized according customers demands and requirement;

3.all  kiosk and accessories  have passed CE, ISO 9001 certification ;

4. All the OEM and ODM design are welcomed ;

5.Facatory Direct sale , direct control quality and price ;

6. professional design team and skikked work staff , strict production proces and quality control ;

7. Safety packing ensures no scratches and safe transportation

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