Fashion style popcorn kiosk design cinema food booth

Popcorn has long been a staple of American entertainment. Popcorn is so sweet and delicious that many people like to eat it. Eating popcorn at the movies is a pure American custom that has slowly spread to China.

Popcorn kiosk is one of the hot sale kiosks in our company. If you want to start a food business, you can ask us for help to make a customized popcorn kiosk. Here let us look at a popcorn kiosk design together.



This popcorn kiosk can sell popcorn, juice and ice cream in the cinema. On the front side of the popcorn kiosk is the glass showcase for displaying different flavors of popcorn. And the middle is the cashier counter. On the top is the logo sign then the customer can know your brand and what you sell.

The back side of the popcorn kiosk can for the staff to prepare the beverage or ice cream and so on. Inside the popcorn kiosk, we can make some drawers and cabinets for storage. Under the countertop of the popcorn kiosk. we can leave the space for the equipment like the fridge, ice machine etc. It is best if you can send the equipment list to us.



If you are planning to open a popcorn kiosk, you need to prepare something. For example, the logo, what equipment you will use, what is the size of the location etc. Before we make the popcorn kiosk design, please feel free to send us the information.

300$ for a customized popcorn kiosk design, our design team will work out the 3d design in 3-5 working days. Then the customer can check the 3d design of the popcorn kiosk, and then let us know if anything needs to check.

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