Attractive popcorn kiosk design customize food mall stall

Popcorn is a popular food for children and young people, especially when watching movies in the cinema. People always like to buy a bucket of popcorn and eat popcorn while watching a movie. Today we want to introduce a popcorn kiosk design to you. It can open in the shopping mall to start a popcorn business.

If you planning to open a popcorn kiosk, you can check this popcorn kiosk design for reference. We can change the size and color to what you want.



Let us look at the 3d design of this popcorn kiosk. The size of this popcorn kiosk is about 5 x 1 m. On the front is a cashier area and the space for the popcorn machines. On the top of the popcorn kiosk has a 3D acrylic lighted logo. And on the back side is the display shelf can display some products.


The material of this popcorn kiosk is plywood with laminate, solid wood strip, red color lighted acrylic, 3d acrylic lighted logo.

Plywood has light weight, intensity taller, grain beautiful, good-looking, insulation, all the advantages of natural wood. It matches the surface finish material laminate, the best choice of the food kiosk.

For the countertop of the food kiosk, we usually use stone material. We can choose man-made stone or quartz stone.

The difference between them is that man-made stone can be joined together seamlessly, while quartz stone cannot.



Below are the feedback pictures from our customers after they installed the popcorn kiosk. We will install a whole popcorn kiosk in our factory and test everything before we ship it out. The customer receives the popcorn kiosk and connects the wire to their local power supply then the whole popcorn kiosk can work.

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