Hot Sale Corn Display Counter Corn Kiosk Booth Design

corn kioskAre you looking for a corn kiosk to start a business? Corn kiosk is a very sweet food, it’s a good idea to open a corn kiosk in the shopping center, movie theater, and even food court. We can also set it in the food restaurant to increase sales. Now, I want to share a nice mall corn kiosk with you.

Information of corn kiosk design

No matter what location size you rent in the mall, you can use it well, because this corn kiosk can be customized according to your needs. Today, I want to share a nice design drawing with you.

sweet corn kioskDisplay counter

We can see the front area has a display counter, we can show corns here and clients can also order directly. On the counter, the table has a glass panel, we can view it as a sneeze guard, which keeps clients away from food.

Under the countertop is lock cabinets with shelf. We can also leave space for equipment and steamer. So workers can prepare corn directly. We can also add the brand name on the counter body to attract people.

corn kioskCorn model decoration

There are two corn models in front of the kiosk, it makes your corn kiosk looks vivid and attractive. We can also add corn models to the kiosk design so that they appear as a whole and can impress people.

Brand logo wall

The back area has a large logo wall behind it, the main color is orange Mosaic tile finishing, looks high end, and increases a luxury feeling. Large yellow brand letters are set in the middle. If you have any new requirements or ideas, please kindly contact us soon, we can make a new corn kiosk meet your demands.

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