Corn kiosk for sale-Unique design and custom sweet corn kiosks, this corn kiosk design combines green and yellow. The design idea comes from corn in real life, so when people see the kiosk, they will associate your kiosk with corn. This can help you win more customers and improve your brand image, which is also the best publicity for the corporate philosophy. What do you think? Therefore, if you plan to start a business, but do not know how to decorate the shop. Please think about your product, it will help you come up with good ideas.

Description About ice cream kiosk


This sweet corn-MY CUP CORN kiosk has a common size of 2.5×2.5 meters. Our designer team spends 5 days making this unique design according to our customer’s ideas. When we finish the first drawing and send it to our customers, he was shocked and loved it very much. Only make small changes, we start producing the corn kiosk.


The body of the kiosk is built with fire-resistant MDF with shiny baking paint. Do you like the surface decoration with a lighted curved plate? It’s very attractive and luxurious even in real life. It is also made up of MDF. The white unique shape of the countertop is a man-made stone. Which matches the kiosk well and help you serve customers better. Mental frame to hold the special green ceiling, brand name, and lightbox on the top ceiling to let people see you easily.


It’s a very common layout for this corn kiosk. On the front side is around corn steamer, it can contain many corns for sale. The cashier register set next to it, people can pay bills conveniently. While in the left side is a water sink with a water tap for hand wash. The back wall has a sticker map of the cornfield, which can convey a natural and safe food concept. The right side is a locked door. A high stand with a menu, people can know how much to pay for the corn exactly. If you want to add more machines to sell food, we can help find a good location to place them.

3D design picture show

How to custom made this unique corn kiosk?

Make a 3D design of corn kiosk

A 3Ddesign is very necessary for a new corn kiosk. Because when the owner only has a rough idea, they don’t know how the kiosk matches their brand. So the first step is to tell us what’s your requirements. Then our designer helps you make the 3D design based on the design ideas. When you want to make small changes, we can help you modify it better. The whole work charges 300usd. And will refund to you from the total amount.

Confirm order

If you like the design drawing, we can move to the next step and confirm the order. The payment term is 50% deposit before the start and 50% balance before shipping. You can pay the money by Bank transfer, West Union, and other methods.

Production the unique kiosk

Before production, we will make a construction drawing for your confirmation. Because our workers build the kiosk according to the confirmed drawing. And you can get the right corn kiosk as a design drawing. The whole process photos will show you, so you can see how the kiosk being made. It even looks more beautiful in real life.

Package the kiosk well

When the corn kiosk is completed, we will test all the light and sockets first to make sure they work well. Then clean the corn kiosk and counter, so you can receive a clean corn kiosk. Next, we divide it into several parts for better delivery and package it by bubble foam. When wrapped with plastic film, we will add corner protection. The outermost is wrapped in wooden cases. This will maximize the protection of the display cabinet from damage during transportation

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