There are many ways to make corn, you can cook, you can make popcorn, you can boil corn directly. Each approach is very popular. You can choose to buy according to your preferences. At this time, a corn kiosk can help you sell corn products. Of course, the corn kiosk is very important, you need to spend at least 3 months to prepare the corn product.

First, you need to find a location in the mall. Contact us after finding the location, we will make 3D design and construction drawings according to your size and needs. Then you can provide these information to the mall for review. After the review, we will make it completely in accordance with the construction drawings and 3D design.

Mall Sweet Corn Kiosk

First of all, the sweet corn display booth is 10×8 feet (3×2.4 meters) not very big, and it can occupy one or two staff. But it is better to account for one more convenient. Second, the main colors are yellow and green. Of course you can choose any color you like. We will make it according to your needs. Third, it can be served on all four sides, and there will be a relatively small entrance to help you enter. Fourth, food machines such as corn cookers, tea brewers, frozen yogurt machines, pancake machines, and refrigerators can be placed on the workbench. If the size of your equipment is relatively large, then you need to give us the size of the food machine. Then we can reserve space for your machine in kiosk, and there are two light boxes for advertising.


Maybe you also need a big steamer for corn , as you know many girls and boys like to eat . and also that is good for health.


①Basic material: MDF
②Surface material: green baking paint, yellow baking paint
③Hardware: lock, stainless steel handle, drawer slide
④Logo: hollow luminous logo, 3d luminous logo
⑤Others: stainless steel baseboard, LED light strip, light box, 8mm tempered glass, white artificial stone


Production Process

Firstly, we need to do the wooden cabinet. The wooden cabinet will be done according to the construction drawings like size, material.  While we doing the wooden cabinet, we will reserve the electric line for you. After the wooden cabinet, we will polish the wooden cabinet to make the surface more smooth. After the smooth, we need to the primers. There are 4 primers need to do. We are going to sent the Panton card to you check the color that you like. The corn kiosk include two baking paints. One is green, Another one is yellow. Final step is installation. We will install the logo, light box, socket, sink, stainless steel baseboard, and etc.



Sweet corn kiosk is very popular in mall , It’s easy to make.  You just need a space in mall for put a kiosk ,and find a supplier for corns and kiosk.

How to make the effective design

If you have own 3d design for the corn kiosk, please provide us the design documents and we will exactly build your sweet corn kiosk as your data. If you don’t have a final design, that is OK , just provide us the similar pictures you have and our designer work out a plan as your detail requests. In case of you don’t have have a final design neither similar pictures , no worries, we can help you. We have professional design team and provide you some suggestion to you choose.

When will we receive the corn kiosk?

The time include the design time, production time and shipping time.

Design time: 3d design time will take 3-5 working days, construction drawings will take 2-3 working days.

Production time: production time will take 22-25 working days.

Shipping time: Different country, the shipping time will be different. If you located in the USA, it will take about one month.

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