Mall cup corn kiosk with steam sweet corn steamer .

Cup corn is more and more popular in USA and UK , this is a small business , so easy start.

and also don’t need much more  investment cost and worker. just find a place for put a kiosk . you can choose it in mall or a Bustling street .

At the time you need a supplier for corn ingredients , fresh corn is better .

Today , we will sharing a style of  cup corn kiosk , but it can use for sweet corn and steam corn …

Look at the pictures as below :

a mini mall very suit for corn , and also you can seen the logo of corn shape on the kiosk.

And also it is can to sell for other food , such as corn juice and orange juice , snack and so on.

In this cup corn kiosk design you can find one counter for cashier , and sink with tank for clean out and one steam for corn ,maybe you can put two steam as per you need.

the top of counter made of Corin  , base material of kiosk made of plywood with lamination.

there is a another big problem how to get a cup corn kiosk .

First , choose a strong supplier to make design as per your requirements and revised design.

Second , send design to mall manage  to get a place for kiosk.

Thirdly , Signing contracts with supplier and built the kiosk.

Dear friend ,if you want to start a business in mall , please contact me to get more information about customized mall cup corn kiosk . we are Unique kiosk factory which is a leading of mall kiosk for 18 years , and we had done the project more than 40000 units for sweet corn kiosk , food kiosk ,snack kiosk ,ice cream kiosk and so on .

And also we can buy the corn steam in China if you need.

Please contact me at  +86 13632792639

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