Are you going to open a donut kiosk? Donuts are loved by everyone for their deliciousness and fruit belly. Now is the best time to start a food store. For most people, breakfast without doughnuts is incomplete, and it is also the “standard” breakfast for Americans. As long as it is breakfast time, people with coffee and donuts can be seen everywhere. So you are wise to start a doughnut business. Besides, it is important to rent a place and find an attractive donut kiosk. It is a good idea to open in food courts and shopping centers, especially where near offices and schools.

Solid wood donut kiosk for sale

As for a new business, a customized donut kiosk can help you attract people. Because people are always curious about new things, a unique food kiosk can make your donut shop stand out. On the other hand, you should place machines in the kiosk for better use. Which can help you improve efficiency and receive more customers. Like this donut kiosk has logo area, display showcase, storage area, etc.. There are is juice machine in the front side, next to it is checkout counter. Glass showcase in the right hand for good show items. While the back side has a working table with oven and sink.

The main material of the donut kiosk is Plywood, surface material is solid wood. Counter top use stone, which is easy to clean and high level your store. It covers an area of 3m by 3m, a very commen dimension for food kiosk. Would you use this donuts kiosk for the basic style?

Real pictures show

juice booth juice showcase juice kiosk

A new deisgn with your brand logo takes 2-3 business days. Production need about 22-25 days. You shoud leave more time to confirm the mall kiosk design and get the approval.

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