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For entrepreneurs, choosing a project that is suitable for their investment and development can give them the opportunity to make money. What projects are there for small businesses now?

Entrepreneurs only need to look at the development of the donut project to know that their opportunity is coming. Now as long as there are special items, it is not difficult to get the favorite of consumers. Nowadays, because of the rapid development of dessert projects. There have been many similar development projects in the market. But after understanding it, I know that not every brand is suitable for their investment.

Donut is one of the best food business for you to start:

Among so many small businesses, donuts have become the object that many entrepreneurs are willing to pay attention to. Because this kind of food not only has a distinctive taste, but also its appearance can be loved by many consumers. The emergence of doughnuts has made many entrepreneurs see their own entrepreneurial opportunities. Because doughnuts are a developing brand and are widely welcomed by the public. It is a hotly discussed project on the streets.

Why do we suggest you start the donut food business?

As a donut project that consumers like very much. It has high traffic and topics, and it can get a high degree of attention without deliberate publicity. Even so, many businesses still actively promote the project. The doughnut is a food that has been deeply loved by consumers and has gained a high reputation in the market.

Because there are many people without entrepreneurial experience, many people hope that they can invest in the project in a short time. But they don’t want to take too much risk. In fact, if you choose to start a doughnut business. The entrepreneurs can easily complete it by putting the ingredients in the mold and cooking. It saves time and effort. Don’t worry about not doing it well without having learned baking. Every donut can attract consumers’ attention with its distinctive taste and exquisite appearance.

Among so many projects that can be invested in, we suggest that you can focus on the doughnut industry. I believe that as long as you invest in such a project, making money can become very easy.

If you want to start the donut food business, how to start?

If you are really interested in starting a doughnut business but don’t know how to start? First, you need to find a location according to your budget. If you are the first time to start the donut business. You can make a small mobile donut food cart to try first. Or you can find a location in the shopping mall to open a donut food kiosk. The kiosk doesn’t need too big, 10x10ft, 10x12ft, or 10x15ft all good. If you have enough budget, you can try to find a store that is perfect.

And then, please contact us for your size and the mall requirement. We will help you to get approval from the shopping. But before we make the design for you. We will charge 300$ design deposit, this is needed if you want a whole set design service. After we receive the design deposit, we will make the 3d design according to your layout, logo, size, equipment machine and so on. Our professional sales team and design team will work together with you to get it done.

After we finish the 3d design, we will make the construction drawing and you send to the shopping mall manager. The shopping mall manager will check and get back to us. Finally, we will get the approval from the shopping mall manager. Then we can start the production of the donut kiosk.

Before the production, please pay 50% deposit of the donut kiosk. And then we will print out the 3d design and construction drawing of the donut kiosk. Then we will send to the factory for production. We will send the production pictures to you to check.

Finally, when we finish the production of the donut kiosk. Please pay the rest of the payment and then we will ship the donut display showcase out.

About this donut kiosk design:

The size is 10x14ft of this donut kiosk design. And the customer said it is for the shopping mall. The customer sent his logo and equipment list to us. It is also ok if you don’t have the equipment list. Because our designer can make a business plan according to what food you sell. We produce the food mall kiosk and also we can offer the equipment machine to you if you want. What do we include for this donut kiosk? We will include the whole kiosk, the material is plywood with wooden color laminate, metal frame, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel and so on. And other we also include the lighted logo, the countertop man-made stone and the sink.

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