Green Color Donuts Kiosk in Mall Fast Food Booth Design for Sale

crepe kioskDonuts kiosk is good to sell donuts, chocolate, fast food, crepes and cakes. We can also use it to sell coffee, juice and other beverages. Donuts kiosk includes the working table, storage cabinet, glass showcase, cashier counter, water sink and brand logo. Sometimes, we will also add tables and chairs for sit. It’s depends on the owners needs.

Green color donuts kiosk design

This donuts kiosk is in green and white color, looks attractive and highlight the food for sale. As we can see in the design, this donuts kiosk looks like a small food restaurant in mall. People order food once enter the shop then sit down and waitinf for their food. Behind area mainly use to prepare food, similar to a kicten room. What the difference is this donuts kiosk is opened that poeple can see it around and purchase easily

food kioskDetails informaiton

The service counter has a high logo stand with water sink in the entrance. There is a lovely model on the top looks attractive. People prepare food on both counters, we can also place equipments here for all kinds of food and drinks.

Tere is a glass plate on the counter top, which protects food away from customers. We will also add under counter light, looks very attractive and clients can see you from long distance.

Seating area also has guardrail decoration, large logo decoration can be placed on the front. People goes by will notice it and enter the store to buy one. It can help you increase sales volumn.

 cake kiosk Size & materials show


Donuts kiosk size 4m by 2m, seating area 3m by 2m. If you rent other location size in the mall, we will make it to meet your demands.


Main material is MDF with baking paint. Stone usually make the counter table. Other colors includes light lamp, acrylic logo, stainless steel, etc. We can also use the same material you want to build the donuts kiosk.

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