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Hey, friend. Do you know the origin of donuts? In ancient Rome, it has already existed the practice of frying dough, and in the middle East there is a similar sweet called Zalabia. After this practice was introduced to Europe, it became popular in Britan, Germany, Northern Europe and other places. And later it was brought to the United States by the Dutch. After the World War I, doughnuts became more and more popular. Until now Americans have undoubtedly been the biggest donut fans. They own two of the world’s most famous donut chains, Dunkin’Donuts and Krispy Kreme. Do you like donut? Here is a hot sale donuts display kiosk to share with you.

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Base Information Of The Donuts Display Kiosk

Do you like this style of the donuts display kiosk after looking the images above? This donuts display kiosk is very modern and popular. The donuts display kiosk base material is plywood, acrylic logo, tempered glass and stainless steel. And the countertop is white color man-made stone. The donuts display kiosk exterior is white paint with blue light strip. It also has donuts poster, 3D logo and donut shape decoration.  It looks very vivid and attractive, itn’t it? However, the cash register exterior is different. Its color is blue and the below is a storage cabinet. The donuts display kiosk has many grey shelves with glass to display donuts. There is also a sink and many pantry to store food or items inside the donuts display kiosk. In addition, the donuts display kiosk has a small door. It is quite convenient. Do you think so?

If you plan to customize a donuts display kiosk or other food kiosk to start business, please contact us as soon as possible. We will customize a suitable donuts display kiosk on the basis of your requirements. Welcome to your inquiry. Thank you for reading.

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