Do you know the origin of donuts? In ancient Rome, it has already existed the practice of frying dough, and in the Middle East, there is a similar sweet called Zalabia. After this practice was introduced to Europe, it became popular in Britain, Germany, Northern Europe, and other places. And later it was brought to the United States by the Dutch. After World War I, doughnuts became more and more popular. Until now Americans have undoubtedly been the biggest donut fans. They own two of the world’s most famous donut chains, Dunkin’Donuts and Krispy Kreme.  Here is a hot sale donuts display kiosk to share with you.

Shopping Mall Donuts Display Kiosk

Shopping malls are the most popular place for people. In addition to shops, many people are using kiosks to sell their products. It also includes the donut display kiosk. The kiosk I will introduce today is very new and popular. One part of it is the display area and the other part is the work area. Our machine can be placed under the counter, which can save a little space. This kiosk donut logo is very obvious. In addition to the logo, we also designed the shape of the doughnut. From the design drawing, we can clearly see every detail. In the middle of the display area is a cash register, and we designed a sink for the work area. Next to it is a glass baffle, which can provide us with a certain degree of privacy.

It mainly has two colors. In white and blue, we can add our logo in the larger outer color area. It can make our kiosk more attractive. The back of the kiosk is the dining area for customers. This design is very popular with customers.

Size: 3x4m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Other material: Tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic

Decoration: Donuts shape, lightbox, an acrylic light strip


Donuts Display Kiosk Production

donut showcase

Our design can be modified. The kiosk above is our final design. When we confirm the final design, we will submit the design drawings and construction drawings to our factory. Our workers will produce in strict accordance with our requirements. We will also send you the color of the kiosk for confirmation. You need to send us the logo and lightbox drawing files.

Our kiosk is made up of some complete cabinets. We will install all the accessories, such as logo, lightbox, sink, socket, etc. So when you receive the goods, there is almost no need to install anything. The only thing that needs to be installed in the door.

Donuts Display Kiosk Assemble

food display kiosk

Each of our cabinets has wires installed at the bottom. When you receive the goods, you need to put the separate cabinets together and connect the wires at the bottom of them. Inside the cabinet at our cash register are electric boxes, transformers, and main wires. The main wire needs to be connected to the power supply of the mall. Then the installation is complete.


How to order the kiosk?

  1. Tell me what kiosk size you need and your requirements. If you want to know the kiosk price. You need to tell me the size and send me the kiosk reference picture, so we can give you an estimated price. Our kiosk price is based on the final design. The design fee is 300USD. It allows modification, we can help you to get the mall approval.
  2. When we get the mall approval, we can start production. Production time is about 28 working days.
  3. Transportation. We can arrange the shipment when we finish the kiosk. We can ship it to your nearest port or your detailed address.  Transportation time depends on your country.


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