With the development of society, the nail industry is now very suitable for showing characters. Opening a manicure kiosk is not only economically beneficial but also makes people’s nails look unique and interesting. People like to go to nail shops. Because they want to look as beautiful as possible during parties, weddings and other special events. Now is a great opportunity to start a business. Due to the small investment and high profitability of manicure kiosks, people regard nail art booths as their first business. Today, I want to share a useful nail counter with you.

8ft×8ft manicure kiosk for sale

Whatever small size you own in the mall center, Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd., give you a good choice and meet your demands. This manicure kiosk includes a nail table, pedicure chair, display showcase, and checkout counter. It covers an area of 8ft×8ft. We can see there is an L shaped manicure table on the front side. The triangular nail polish display stand is in the corner, which makes the worktable look better and attract customers. People can enjoy pedicure service on the backside. With the high stand with lightbox paint, people know you from far away. The glass display stands along with the cashier register on the left side. Brand logo on both the front counter and back wall. Do you like this white salon station design?

Real pictures show

Real design pictures can directly show the kiosk color, layout, style directly. You can even change the color, layout, etc. to make it better. Our designer can help you make small changes.

nail table nail booth manicure kiosk

It’s necessary to create a 3D design before the start. From the drawing, you can view the real effect directly. You can also submit it to the mall manager for review to ensure that you can get a permit and start a business soon. The new design takes about 2-3 business days. Please leave more time to modify and confirm the drawing. Production of the nail kiosk needs about 18-20 working days.

Decoration idea of the nail kiosk:

Light Decoration

Bright lights should be selected, such as wall lights, small table lamps, track spotlights, floor table lamps, and other different lighting fixtures to create a textured space art beauty. Projecting warm polychromatic light on pattern collections and merchandise can enhance their sense of hierarchy and allure.

Window display articles

The window display is a key dialog box to show the brand image of the store. Many people will use spraying to write funny sentences. If you want to build a comfortable atmosphere, you can display and design a ladder-shaped storage shelf, and make a nail art display frame and its Matching green plants. You can also use display cabinets with shapes to make your shop more unique

Main hall

The most important thing in the main hall is to place nail art tables, chairs, benches, and nail glue products. Suspended storage racks are likely to be encountered when nail polish is placed, so you can choose this kind of vertical.

In the decoration process, we should also pay attention to using materials and colors that meet the requirements of the mall. Many shopping malls have certain requirements for merchants and counters that settle in. We must meet the standards of the mall and pass the audit of the fire department so that you can open it successfully. Our nail kiosks are widely accepted by shopping malls because we use materials that meet export standards and we insist on using the best materials. Although the production cost has increased, I hope our customers are satisfied with the quality and service. We will do better in the future, and colleagues we look forward to cooperating with you. Thank you.

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