Small and Useful White Manicure Kiosk with Pedicure Chair to the USA

With the development of society, the nail industry is now very suitable for showing characters. Opening a manicure kiosk is not only economically beneficial, but also makes people’s nails look unique and interesting. People like to go to nail shops. Because they want to look as beautiful as possible during parties, weddings and other special events. Now is a great opportunity to start a business. Due to the small investment and high profitability of manicure kiosk, people regard nail art booths as their first business. Toay, I want to share a useful nail counter with you.

8ft×8ft manicure kiosk for sale

Whatever small size you own in the mall center, Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd., give you a good choice and meet your demands. This manicure kiosk includes nail table, pedicure chair, display showcase and checkout counter. It covers an area of 8ft×8ft. We can see there is an L shaped manicure table in the front side. The triangular nail polish display stand is in the corner, which makes the worktable look better and attract customers. People can enjoy pedicure service in the back side. The high stand with light box paint, people know you from far away. Glass display stand along with cashier register in the left side. Brand logo on both front counter and back wall. Do you like this white salon station design?

Real pictures show

nail table nail booth manicure kiosk

It’s necessary to create a 3D design before start. From the drawing, you can view the real effect directly. You can also submit it to the mall manager for review to ensure that you can get a permit and start business soon. The new design takes about 2-3 business days. Please leave more time to modify and confirm drawing. Production the nail kiosk need about 18-20 working days.

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