The first time I did a manicure, I did it in the mall manicure service kiosk. I did not specialize in manicure, but just passed by and saw that they have this service. Because this is indeed what I thought about before, I acted immediately. This is why many people want to build kiosks in shopping malls. Because sometimes the location of the store is too difficult to find, the location of the mall is very obvious. There is a lot of traffic and it is very reliable. People prefer to do manicures in shopping malls.

And starting a manicure kiosk is very simple, we only need a table, tools, and two chairs. This is the simplest operation. If we want to make a complete business, we can choose to do a professional manicure kiosk.

Manicure Service Kiosk Details

The position given to us by the mall manager is often not too big, because it cannot take up too much space. The most common kiosks are square, and they are often surrounded by several separate cabinets. The right manicure service kiosk size is 4x3m.  A professional manicure kiosk is generally composed of a work counter, glass display, high sign, logo, sink, and lightbox.

Working counter

This is the core of the kiosk. Because we serve customers at the work counter. Its length determines our working position. The working counter of this kiosk is 3m. It has a total of 4 working sets. People need to sit on both sides. So if you want to put the counter in the middle, we must make sure that its position is adequate.

Glass Display

This is for our nail polish. We all know that we need to use a lot of nail polish when we do nail art for our customers. There are many colors, patterns, and materials of nail polish. So we need someplace to put our nail polish. Except when we are working. We can also sell it. Some customers want to buy nail polish directly.

High sign

The high sign is standard for many mall kiosks. Its height is generally 2-2.4m. We can put our logo, advertising player, or lightbox painting on it. This is also so that customers can see us from a distance.


We usually put the logo on the outside of the kiosk. Usually, we do the acrylic luminous logo. It can make our kiosk look more professional and it is also convenient for us to extend our brand. The more important thing is to increase the exposure of our business.


Everyone is well aware of the role of the sink. We need to use water in the process of work, and we also need water to wash our hands and tools after work. If your mall has a water source, you can connect the pipeline directly to your mall. If there is no water source, we can provide a water system.


Half of the lightbox contains pictures of our products or business. It is difficult for customers to see what we do. It also has a role to decorate our kiosk.


The cash register is needed by all kiosk, we can put our cash register directly on the counter. Nowadays, many customers use mobile phones to pay. We can also directly put in our QR code for payment, and customers can pay by scanning it.  The kiosk cash register is next to the sink. The three colored barrels next to it are also our decorations, which have no practical effect. The two side seats can be used as waiting areas or customer rest areas. The above content is designed according to the requirements of our customers. We can see that its effect is very good.

Manicure Service Kiosk Material     

Basic material: MDF (Medium-density fiberboard)

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Logo: Acrylic luminous logo

Kick: Golden stainless steel

Others: Lock, key

Manicure Service Kiosk Assemble

Our kiosk is roughly divided into 6 separate cabinets to make and pack. Since they are all different cabinets, when we receive the goods, we can easily know their location. At this time, we only need to put them together according to their design drawings, and then connect the male and female connectors at the bottom of them. The last step is to connect the power supply of our mall. The main wire of our kiosk is in the cabinet of the cash register, just connect it to the mall. Some need to be fixed with screws, we will show you how to operate after the production is completed. It is very simple.

Unique Mall Kiosk

The above is the details and installation of our manicure service kiosk. If you also want to buy a mall kiosk, we can help you. Unique Display is a customized company, all our kiosk sizes, colors, shapes are designed according to our customers’ requirements. We will help you get an audit from the mall. We provide design, production, and transportation services, you can easily get the kiosk you want. As I said before, its assembly is very simple. If you still don’t understand, we can send you an installation video. Or you can ask me if you have any questions about receiving the goods.


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