Opening a milk tea shop, the main investment costs: shop rent, decoration costs, material costs, equipment costs, labor costs. The decoration cost is not fixed, but more or less. However, the decoration of milk tea shops must consider professional normative standards. The real practicality and high quality of the decoration lie in the operational positioning of the decoration of the milk tea shop. And the choice of personality, which is an advantage that makes the application more convenient and practical. So how much does it cost to decorate a milk tea shop?

The location of the milk tea shop: near the university city. The location of the milk tea shop is very important for the future operation of a milk tea shop. And the location of the milk tea shop is also a headache. The main consumer group of milk tea is young people, so the location needs to choose the gathering place of young people. Near University City is a good choice. The demand for milk tea among college students is also great. The university is a non-enclosed teaching environment. At noon and evening, everyone can go out to shop, shop, and buy milk tea. So, the geographical location of your milk tea shop still has a certain advantage. Generally speaking, a milk tea shop is located in the central business district, urban pedestrian street, near the university school, comprehensive dining plaza, etc.

If you want to start a business, you have to find a location first. After you find a good shop location to start your business, please get back to us with the size of your location.

Our design team will make a new bubble tea shop with your location size. We can discuss the interior design and layout.




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