Modern Feng Cha Bubble Tea Kiosk Shop Bar Counter Design

Milk tea beverage is a fast-growing project that keeps pace with the times. It brings a very fashionable consumption concept to consumers. And is popular among people, especially young people. But if you really want to engage in this industry, you have to think first: Is it profitable to open a milk tea shop? How much can you make in a year? What equipment and processes are needed?

First of all, the profit of milk tea shops is definitely very high. Why are all the tea shops in the streets nowadays, it is because of the high profit of this industry, the cost of a few cents or a few dollars can sell a dozen or even tens of dollars. If a store runs well, there are as many as 10,000 to tens of thousands.

But the future is unknown. If you want to open a milk tea shop, you need to know:

1. How much do you have to spend, considering the rent, house transfer fee, decoration, equipment, raw materials, props, staff salary, etc.

2. How much does your average cost of a cup of milk tea cost (different raw materials cost differently)?

3. How much money do you sell per cup, how much money can you earn from each cup.

4. How is the surrounding environment of your store, mainly the flow of people and the overall consumption environment? Whether it is high or low, estimate how many cups can be sold in a day. If you know about these things, you will have a certain degree of confidence in your opening.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to start the 3D design of the bubble tea store. Thank you!




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