Simple hairdressing kiosk design haircut station in the mall

Because of people’s pursuit of fashion, hairstyle is our decoration, is a beautiful ornament. So many friends will go to the hairdressing shop to do hair. Hairdressing includes cutting, washing, blowing, ironing, dyeing, pulling and other different forms, choose the right barbershop and hairstylist, in order to design a more pleasing, for our image of hair.  

If you want to start a business, a hair salon business is good to start. As everyone needs to have a haircut, this business as soon as you learn the technology, you can start. Let us introduce a hairdressing kiosk design for you.



Please look at the layout of this hairdressing kiosk. It has 4 haircut stations and 1 shampoo bed, 1 glass display cabinet and a small cashier desk. This is a simple hairdressing kiosk design, and the size is 4 x 3 m. We can make the size according to your location size and fit what you need.




The material of this hairdressing kiosk is MDF with baking paint. For the glass display cabinet, we use 8mm tempered glass and we will add the led strip light on the top.

Under the stainless steel toe kick, we add the blue color led strip light, it looks good.

The logo on the hairdressing kiosk we can add your brand logo.

Just feel free to send us the logo file then we will make it on the haircut kiosk.



Our company can make a customize 3d haircut kiosk design for you.

Please kindly send us the location size and your brand logo.

For a customize 3d hairdressing kiosk design will charge a 300$ design deposit.

And then we will send it to you in 3-5 working days and check if need any other changes.

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