Hair care product display showcase hairdressing station service kiosk

The functions of hair are now of primary importance for humans. I think hair is the most important part of the style. Clean-cut and smart haircuts are stylish at the moment. Your hair forms a very important part of the overall personality.

Starting a hairdressing kiosk in the shopping mall is a good option for people with a small budget. Here let us share with you a hair care product display showcase hairdressing station service kiosk.



This hairdressing kiosk not only can provide hairdressing services but also can for sale some hair care products. It is a whole counter with two double-sided mirror stations. This area can for you to offer the hairdressing services and the customer can try the products here.

Other areas of this hairdressing kiosk have a white color cashier counter. On the front of the white color cashier counter add the logo and a small glass display shelf. You can display some hot-sale hair care products here. When the customer pays the bill they can see and stimulate their desire to buy.

And also a pillar stand near the white color cashier counter. This pillar has the logo and the lighted box on it. It is a mirror stainless steel finish. Near the hairdressing mirror station is a glass display cabinet. You can use this glass display cabinet for some hair care products.



For the design of the hairdressing kiosk, we can make it according to your idea. Each customer will get a different location so their kiosk size is also different. That is why we need to make a customized hairdressing kiosk design. Our designer will make a new 3d model for you with your size and logo. This hairdressing kiosk will exactly fit your business.

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