Nail art is a very popular business. Whether it is a beauty shop, a kiosk in a shopping mall, or a street stall, there is a nail art business. We can paint the nails with various colors or patterns. A manicure can make our hands more attractive. The kiosk is the most common manicure in shopping malls. In addition to manicures, they generally do other beauty services. The nail kiosk that I want to introduce today is quite special, let’s take a look at the details.

Nail kiosk Design

The location of the shopping mall where the kiosk is located has a pillar, so when we design the kiosk, we also need to combine the design with the location in the mall. On the outside are two counters with mirrors, and on the inside is a compartment with a bed inside, which can be used for facial treatments or body massages. In order to protect the privacy of customers, we have made this kiosk wall high, so that people on the outside cannot see the situation inside.

Spotlights and mirrors are installed on the top of the two working areas, which can bring us a very bright environment, so we can provide customers with a better experience while serving them. The door of the compartment is a sliding door, and there are nail polish patterns on the sliding door.

The exterior wall of the kiosk can be decorated with our logo or lightbox painting.

Size: 4.25x2m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Acrylic

Color: Pink, white

Others: Spotlight, mirrors, lightbox, stainless steel tor kick


Kiosk Production

After we confirm the final design with the customer, we will start production. The base material of this kiosk is MDF, and the surface treatment is baking varnish. So we can choose any color we like. The color rendering of the paint is very good, and the surface of the bright paint is very shiny.

We will install the light, mirrors and logo, lightbox. When you receive the goods, you can just put the separate cabinets together. Then connect the male and female connectors between them, and then connect the main power supply to the mall.

We are a kiosk customization company if you want to start your business in the mall. We can help you. You can complete the design and construction of the kiosk here. We can also ship the kiosk to your country. So it is very convenient.

How to order the mall kiosk?

If you want to buy the kiosk, and you have a space in the mall. You can tell me what size you need, and your requirements. Our designer will design the kiosk according to your location size and your requirements. Our design is fully in line with our conditions. After the design is completed, we can clearly see every detail. You can decide whether to modify it because it will provide a design that satisfies you.
After the design is determined, you can send it to the mall for review. If the mall has any suggestions, we can modify them according to their requirements. We will help you get permission. After the market agrees, we can start production.

How to start the design?

Our design fee is 300USD, when we receiving it, we can start design. Design time is 2-3 working days.

What is the production time?

ABout 28 working days when we confirm the final construction drawings

What are the kiosk price and shipping cost?

The kiosk price is based on size, material, and style. It depends on the final design. If you want to know approximately, you can tell the size and send your favorite kiosk picture.


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