UK Green Nail Kiosk in Mall Manicure Table with Display Showcase

Are you looking for a customize nail kiosk in the shopping center? Nail beauty services have become more and more popular among people. It’s a great time to open a nail kiosk and earn money. Unique nail kiosk design can not only highlight your shop but also attracts more clients. Here is a nice nail kiosk design sharing with you.

nail shop in mall

UK nail kiosk design idea

This nail kiosk is designed for a UK customer. At first, the owner tells us that she wants a nail kiosk to fit for a 4m by 2.4m area. We agreed to help him with this project. She felt very happy and tell us her requirements about the nail kiosk decoration. Then we sort out the design details to create a 3D design drawing. Unique design services charge 300usd and need about 3 days to complete. We total to make 3 plans for the owner to choose from. Let’s view more details together.

Introduction of nail kiosk in the mall

We should first rent a location in the shopping mall to start a business. Nail kiosk includes nail working tables, nail polish display showcase, bill counter, advertising posters, and brand logo.

nail station

Layout decoration

As we can see on the front side, it is a green entrance door in the middle. The outside wall is a brand logo to remind people of. As we enter the shop, we can see the cashier counter on the right hand. People pay bills here when leaving the shop. There are glass display shelves on the wall to place all kinds of nail polish. While outside is a good place for the brand logo. Next to it is a high-level display shelf, clients can purchase nail polish easily.

The nail shop center is 4 manicure tables with chairs on both sides. While the back wall also has a glass display shelf along with posters facing the public. This way, people can see and remember your store when they pass by, and even buy nail polish right away.

Another wall has a glass wall cabinet in the middle. Customers inside and outside the store can see the placed products. We can place promotional products here can attract them to buy and increase turnover.

nail kiosk

Color introduction

The main material of the nail kiosk is a white color with light green decoration. It makes the store look very cute and novel, and can quickly grab the customer’s attention. Green can make people feel relaxed and happy. We can also use another color to decorate the nail kiosk to makes the shop stand out.

Material description

Main material: MDF

Surface material: High glossy baking paint

Logo material: Acrylic logo or Light hollow logo

Other materials: Stainless, tempered glass, lightbox

How to make the nail kiosk?

nail bar

  1. Think about the nail kiosk decoration and make a floor plan
  2. Tell the designer about all the requirements. Such as material, size, color, style, etc.
  3. Make the 3D design drawing according to design details. The designer should create a design model first, then rendering clear photos for confirmation.
  4. Check and confirm the design. We have to check the design photos and tell them if somewhere needs adjustment. They will update it immediately.
  5. Make a construction drawing for produce. The construction drawing shows all the details about the nail kiosk. We can also install them according to the drawing when receiving the goods.

How to produce the nail kiosk?

The first step is to make the wood body of the nail kiosk. The second step is to smooth the nail kiosk surface and paint color. We have to wait about 10 days for this step, as it needs to paint about 5 times. The last step is to assembly the kiosk and completes it. When turning on the light, we can see the looks of the nail kiosk we will receive.

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