Retro cell phone accessories shop design headphones display showcase

Welcome to visit our company website. Today we want to share with you a retro cell phone accessories shop design. This shop although not too big but still can display many kinds of cell phone accessories products.

Because people cannot live without electronic products. That is why also the cell phone accessories product also very hot sale. If you want to open a new cell phone accessories shop, I think your business will be good.



The color theme of this cell phone accessories shop is wooden color and white color, with the warm white led strip light. Against the wall of the cell phone accessories store has the wall display cabinet. The slatwall display can use the hook to display the cell phone case, mobile phone support, headset and so on.

A cashier counter is also very important. The design of this cashier counter needs to match the shop style and it will affect your whole shop image. The size of the cashier counter can make according to your need. Actually, not need too big, if for one or two staff then 1.5-2m is enough.

For the wall display cabinet of the cell phone accessories store, on the top, we can add the logo of the product brand. So that the customer can find the product they want easily. The lighting effect of the shop is indispensable. We can add the led strip light on the cell phone store display furniture and ceiling lights.



No matter how big is the size of your store, we can make a customized design for you. You can let us know the color theme you want, then our designer will work out the shop design to fit your need.

To make a customized 3d cell phone accessories shop design usually needs 5-7 working days. We can make any changes for you if you want.

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