Green and White Cell Phone Store Furniture Design Shop Decoration

Cell phone store furniture plays a big role in the retail business. Because it is good to show your products and also decorate your shop well. It will also be a symbol of your company’s brands. Whenever you plan to open a cell phone store, you should focus more on the shop decoration. I am sure this high-tech cell phone store design may give you more ideas.

cell phone store display

Description of cell phone store

We mainly use MDF to build the cell phone store furniture. It can make curved corners and get a smoothie effect. While the surface material is glossy baking paint. We choose white and green colors to do the surface, you can also use other favorite colors. While we can see the top has a metal ceiling, we can also use white or green light to decorate the cell phone counters.

smart phone cabinet

Layout information

This cell phone store furniture includes wall cabinets with slat walls, a glass display counter, an experience table, and a cashier counter. We can also make a brand imagine wall at back, that can leave a deep impression on poeple.

cell phone store layout

Glass display counter

The glass display counter is set in the front of the wall cabinets. That can show cell phones and protect items. Each glass counter has a light lamp to increase the brightness. Under the counter has lock cabinets, which we can use for storage.

Cell phone table

The cell phone tables are usually placed in the center, clients can experience cell phones and laptops directly. It can place products on both sides.

Slat wall stand

It’s a good idea to add a slat wall stand to hang phone accessories. Here are some slat wall displays to share with you. You can use them in your cell phone store.

mobile phone counters cell phone store display

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