Electronic products store design mobile phone retail display counter

Now many people cannot live without electronic products. We have to use it to work, study and so on. For example, you need to use the cell phone to pay the money, now almost no people pay with cash. And the office staffs need to use the computer to work or iPad etc.

If you have enough budget to start this kind of business, you can open an electronic product store. This is an electronic products store design mobile phone retail display counter. Hope you can like it.



This is a shop the size of about 100 square meters. On the wall is for displaying the TV and the slatwall to display the cell phone accessories like the cell phone cases, earphones and so on. And the feature wall for showing the brand logo and lighted box for advertising.



This electronic product shop has the area for the cashier counter, display counter, wall display showcase and a seating area. It has serval display desks in the middle of the cell phone shop to display the cell phones on the countertop.

We can make a customize cell phone store design for you. Please feel free to send us your shop floor plan and then we can discuss the layout and the shop style. Our design team will work out the 3d design in 5-7 working days and then we can check and see if anything needs to update.

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