Retail mobile phone shop wall display cabinet customize design

We need to do a good job in the design of mobile phone stores to better attract customers. So as to create better economic benefits. Good mobile phone shop decoration design should take into account the reasonable color is tie-in.

Do a good job in windows mobile storefront fitment design, interior space design, the door of the cell phone store decoration design, etc. The following is to learn more about how to design a mobile phone shop. And mobile phone shop decoration rendering for your reference.



This is a mobile phone store that mainly sells cell phones, phone accessories, and offers a phone repair service. In the middle of the cell phone shop has the display table for displaying the cell phones.

On the back wall can put some display cabinets for the phone accessories to hang on the cell phone cases, headset and so on. Meanwhile, we can make some posters on the wall to decorate the cell phone shop.



Color is the first element that enters a person’s eye. The reasonable color collocation can make people have the desire to enter the store.

We all know the mobile phone store decoration is a young people as the main consumer group, here the color needs to choose bright and bold colors to attract customers.

This cell phone store uses purple, white and wood colors to match the purple lights look really good.



We suggest to make a customized 3d mobile phone shop design first. You can see the whole shop effect in the 3d design, this way can better for you to know the layout of the shop and how much furniture we need for the shop. The first step is always the hardest. But this is also an important and necessary thing.

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