There are many kinds of display cabinets in mobile phone stores. For specialty stores, the number of display tables is relatively large. The model of the product is generally placed directly on the table. Today, I want to introduce a few common display tables in mobile phone stores. If you want to build a cellphone shop, you can have a look.

Type 1

Size: 1.5×0.6x1m

Material: Plywood, veneer/laminate

Others: Sticker

This is a wood grain table display, and the model machine is placed on the table. There are posters on the front, and the content of the poster can be the model of the mobile phone. This table is divided into two sides, separated by a baffle in the middle, and the baffle can also be printed with the type of our mobile phone. The groove in the middle can also be equipped with wires to connect each model machine.




The back of it is the storage, we can display some accessories, such as the charging cable that comes with the phone, the phone case or the tempered film, etc.

Type 2


Material: Plywood, veneer/laminate

The purpose and style of this display cabinet are the same as the type 1, but the shape is a little different. The main colors are wood and blue.




We support the customization of all colors.  If you want to change the cabinet color, we can change it according to your requirements.

Type 3

Size: 1.2×0.6×1.1m

Material: Plywood, laminate, tempered glass, acrylic logo, led light

This one is a very conventional style. The top is the glass cover, and the bottom is the locker. The main color is light wood color. On the top of the glass is a light strip. We can put the logo on the front.

Type 4

Size: 1.2×0.6×1.1m

Material: MDF, baking paint, tempered glass, LED light, logo

This style is very fashionable, it will not look very monotonous. We can put the poster on the front, which is very modern and beautiful. Its type is the same as type 3.

Cellphone Store Furniture

The mobile phone shop display cabinets ate diverse, and the design creativity is unlimited. We can design some unique display cabinets according to the size of the store, the color of our brand or logo, etc. Display furniture has a great impact on business, so we need to spend more time to determine our display furniture and store style. We have a professional design team that can help you design a modern and stylish mobile phone shop. If you want to design your shop, please send us your shop floor plan and your requirements.

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