Trendy Electronics Store Phone Headset Experience Shop Design

The rapid development of science and technology has brought a lot of convenience to people. Especially nowadays electronic products are constantly innovating. In order to attract more customers, many businesses will not only open some new stores offline but also design them as product experience stores to improve customer experience. At this time, the interior design and the selection of display furniture are particularly important.


As the name suggests, an electronics experience store is a store where customers can experience some electronic products, not just showing your products to customers, so that customers can have a better understanding of your products, and thus prompt them to place orders.


Interior Design

The electronic products experience store we designed focuses on the sense of technology and fashion, so we consider the lighting and display furniture structure in the interior design. As you can see from the design photos, the design of the entire store is very complete. There is every kind of furniture design, the design of top ceiling lights and floor.

The designs are also very clear. We use a 3D modeling design. The rendered design looks the same as the picture. You can observe the structure and details of the store from all angles, and you can also clearly see whether the design is consistent. Your ideas are the same.

Shop layout

The entire store is divided into two functions, display products, and experience products. Therefore, in this display, we used a large number of wall cabinets and gondola display cabinets to display various electronic products. Designed different styles of furniture with different display structures. The product experience area mainly uses the furniture of some tables. In which there is a huge ring structure in the middle. It combines the ideas of technology and entertainment and hangs the skateboard as a kind of decoration on the metal grid.

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